Tons of Great Feedback; Challenge of Growth

Since the beta launch of our weather app for Chromecast a month ago, we’ve had tons of wonderful feedback from the community.

Along with the comforting, “I love your app!” responses, several feature requests have been submitted and even a few bug reports. The response from users all over the world has been great for our team and we’re taking each suggestion to heart as we continue to improve our app and service.

Spike from Reddit and GigaOm
Our biggest challenge recently has been handling the shear number of new users coming from recent mentions on reddit and GigaOm.

The decision was made just before launch to skip user signups and logins and allow casting immediately upon visiting the site. While this allows for a better user experience, it presents some infrastructure headache when it comes to traffic spikes.

One of the largest of these spikes came from reddit where we saw a 300% increase in the number of users of our weather app. Thankfully, our back-end systems and API fared well during the load, but for a while there we were scrambling to make sure everything held together.

Growth is exciting and we’re definitely enjoying the ride. Our next beta update is nearing completion and will include several of the suggestions made by our users. To keep up with the latest changes, feel free to join our mailing list.

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